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Below are the Export Training Programs we deliver, followed by a menu containing key knowledge components which can be combined to create customized programs. Our programs generally take place in interactive settings for groups from common industries and geographic areas.

We often partner with Economic Development Organizations, Chambers of Commerce, Trade Associations, and Meeting Planners whose priority is to bring their members, clients, and local companies the knowledge they need to increase their competitiveness and profitability by expanding globally.

Interactive Export Training Programs and Workshops

The Complete Export Program (6 days, multi-visit)

  • The broadest, deepest export workshop available
  • Covers all key trade knowledge areas
  • Includes guest experts and panels
  • Includes complete binder loaded with useful resources

Write Your Own Export Plan (in 2 days flat)

  • Participants generate their own actionable export plans under our guidance that they can implement immediately
  • Finished plans are presented to the group for critique and constructive feedback

Start Exporting Now (1 day)

  • Our 15 Steps to Selling Internationally are applied to each company that participates, preparing them to select, research, visit, and enter the export market that’s right for them

Crash Course on Exporting (1 hour – ½ day, scaleable)

  • Gives the audience (unlimited size) a clear idea of what lies ahead should they decide to take action

The Export Training components below allow us to package a program for any client's unique requirements.

Description & Outcomes
How to Sell Internationally Explanation and application of the steps to selling into new foreign markets, from a standing start to the end of a first in-market visit
International Marketing Analyzing and selecting the right target export market; positioning for long-term success in the market
Selling Services Internationally Differentiating yourself from the competition; creating and demonstrating superior value to foreign customers
Finding Information on Targeted Markets Knowing what information you need and how to find it; tools and resources for gaining knowledge of the target export market
Culture and Developing Relationships Cultural awareness for international business; using cultural knowledge to develop successful business relationships
Managing International Sales Channels Maximizing your reach to potential foreign customers; how to identify, select, set up, support, motivate, and manage your distributors & partners
International Market Access and Legal Regulations Understanding regulations that affect your ability to sell in target markets; examining the opportunities and barriers to success in markets selected by participants
International Finance Understanding the key aspects of trade finance; using international financial tools for competitive advantage
Logistics, Documents, and Global Supply Chain Management Understanding shipping terms and how to apply them; using global logistics for competitive advantage
Building Your Brand How to build your brand for success in your selected target market

International Business Training Programs & Workshops

Below are outlines of our three most popular workshops.
Click on them for more complete program information.

1.) Crash Course on Exporting™ (1/2 day)
  Gives participants the “big picture” on international business utilizing a clear, step-by-step process for selling around the world.
2.) Start Exporting Now! (1 day)
  Highly interactive workshop in a small-group environment. Participants receive individual attention from an expert international trade facilitator, and leave with specific and actionable ideas unique to their business.
3.) Your Written & Critiqued Export Plan (In 2 days flat!)
  Two days of intensive development of your reviewed, critiqued, step-by-step Export Plan in an interactive peer-group setting. Participants leave with a written plan ready for immediate implementation.

All of our workshops are designed to deliver fast results for our participants. The information we provide to our participants is:

  • Useful
  • Relevant
  • Actionable
  • Applied to the unique business of each participant

… and it can be implemented immediately when they return to their offices!

Whether a half-day workshop that clarifies the international sales process and replaces complacency or fear of the unknown with confidence and motivation for participants, or an intensive two-day session that delivers a fully developed Export Plan ready for immediate implementation, our goal is to ensure that our participants take advantage of the international business opportunities that await them in today’s global economy.

We travel worldwide to share our expertise with the international business unit of one organization, or groups – often organized by:

  • Economic development professionals
  • Trade associations
  • Meeting and event planners
  • Government agencies
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Banks
  • Accounting firms
  • Business councils

… and others with a commitment to proactively generating international business for themselves or for others!

Our programs can be customized to meet the specific requirements of your organization. We can travel world wide to your location or we can accomodate you at our training facility in Canada. Contact Us today and start doing more international business!

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